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  • The very presence of CCTV cameras on an installation is enough to deter potential criminals and prevent their action at the outset. CCTV systems are one of the most widely-deployed and beneficial security components in the world.
  • The electric fencing system consists of electric wires carrying electric pulses that provide a non lethal repulse shock to an intruder. Any intrusion results in an alarm to security personnel monitoring the site and also alert the residence.
  • Access control is a fundamental component of security compliance programs that ensures security technology and access control policies are in place to protect confidential information, such as customer data. Access control systems are an essential part of commercial security systems
  • GPS based vehicle tracking system allows to easily track locations of multiple vehicles in a real time. It consists of a GPS device installed to the vehicle as well as software which collects the data and pictures vehicles' locations on the screen.

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